Choosing The Right Accounting Firm

Whether you have a home office and are claiming a tax deduction, or are selling your investment property, you probably find the ever-changing tax laws and regulations confusing, along with many other people. Keeping up with new tax laws is one of the focuses of a right accounting firm, along with setting financial goals and offering general tax and financial advice for individuals and small businesses. If you are looking for a reliable accountant, there are some key questions to ask to help you find the perfect accounting company for your needs.


If your accounting firm charges you by the minute, you may find yourself paying them every time you call to ask them something. On the other hand, some accountants charge set fees for every different financial task carried out, such as compiling a net worth statement or helping to file the 1040 tax form.

Business Specialties

You can receive better service if you choose an accounting firm that specializes in your business area. Clients who have a farming or agricultural business, for example, probably won’t benefit from using an accountant who specializes in local tax laws.


A general accounting firm that employs CPAs or certified public accountants is probably going to be helpful to you if you have a lot of accounting requirements. Most small businesses won’t benefit fully from a tax preparation firm that focuses on training tax professionals to assist with filing income tax returns.


Your overall financial experience and knowledge will help to determine the amount of advice you need or can benefit from. Choose a Coquitlam accountant that provides its clients with in-depth financial counseling and notice if that is what need. Many accounting firms don’t offer much valuable feedback, although they are efficient at compiling required records, and advising you on the best time to purchase equipment.

Level Of Service

Bookkeepers who handle routine client transactions are often employed by full-service accounting firms, and if you need comprehensive bookkeeping services, you may want to work with such a company. If a CPA handles your routine bookkeeping jobs, you will probably pay more to the accountant firm if they don’t employ bookkeepers.


If you need to schedule a time to visit the office to make an appointment, that accounting firm may not be the right one for you. On the other hand, if your question is answered over the phone, it can make your life a lot easier. Some accountants operate year-round, while others meet once every year to help with filing taxes.

Personal Connection

You aren’t getting the service you deserve if you don’t feel comfortable talking about your finances with your accountant, despite their reputation or the amount you are paying them. Look for an accounting firm that talks in plain language rather than jargon, and one that you feel comfortable with.

Setting Goals

Some accountants charge an extra fee for setting goals, although this can be extremely useful to anyone who is just starting out in business or working for themselves.

Support When Audited

Having to face the unwanted IRS audit can be stressful and confusing, and it can help to know you have the support and advice of your accountant if that happens to you. Some accountants have an accountant on staff or on call, should you get the request for an audit.


Business acquaintances, co-workers, and friends can be invaluable when it comes to recommending the right accounting firm, and word of mouth is as essential as ever.